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Unfair Mario 2

unfairUnfair Mario 2 is the best continuation of its first part never the less popular than Unfair Mario. As the name suggests, the Unfair Mario 2 is so unfair, but this is one of the things that makes it an interesting game. You die all of the times, something which makes you frustrated and angry. But the funny thing is that you don't give up. The rage game gives you an exciting time despite all its unfairness. Yeah, it is an addictive online flash game. The Unfair Mario 2 carries the same theme as the other Mario type games. The new version has more traps and tricks than the previous version, Mario 1. You are supposed to avoid the traps in order to access the final flag. As you try to move from one point to another, you will be poked and prodded to your death. You don't have to fear anything while playing this game. Instead, have courage to perform tasks that seem impossible. You can jump out of your way to avoid the traps or even jump over them. As you level up, it gets tougher. You will be threatened by spikes which come out of blocks. The ground will become unstable. If you are not careful, your efforts will be cut down by sinking ground. There are 10 levels in this game, and moving from one level to another is not as easy as most players think. The unfairness of the game is revealed through the information that appears on the screen. Some of the information appearing on the screen is false and it can mislead you to the traps. The main goal of the Unfair Mario 2 is to get to the final flag. And as described above, you have to escape all barriers on the way to win the game. You have to move from level 1 to level 10 to win the game. The number of deaths is displayed on the screen for those who want to monitor their improvement or compare with other players.

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